a dirtt-y visit

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. DIRTT, “Doing it Right This Time”, is a leading interior manufacturer driven by innovative technologies and creative sustainable solutions. The underlying philosophy of DIRTT is to give the freedom of design and control to customers. The intention is, to build a bespoke facility with a transparent cost structure, and radically reduce construction wastes.

By creating and using its proprietary 3D software, i.e. ICE ®, DIRTT has made this vision come true. This disruptive technology has brought revolutionary change to interior construction. Essentially, the ICE software integrates all data into one job site, renders instant space visualization, and displays changes in real-time with as low as 1% deficiency rate. DIRTT employs this 3D technology to design and install fully customized prefabricated interiors with ease.

DIRTT quickly became the first company in the world to produce customized interiors as standard daily practice. Further, DIRTT solutions have been applied in a wide range of industries from healthcare, military, and commercial facilities to school and residential space.

Most distinctively, at DIRTT, sustainability is positioned at the center of its values, culture, processes, and growth. DIRTT endeavors to create a paradigm shift in the traditional construction industry by placing value on the environment and achieving responsible, sustainable business practices. Green procedures are found at every stage of DIRTT’s business processes including manufacturing, procurement and marketing, mitigating waste stream, energy use and carbon footprint.

Here is a glimpse of how DIRTT is penetrating sustainability into organization, industry, and communities:

  • Being the first and only modular wall manufacturer to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and to set the official international standard for measuring and reporting how modular wall components measure up in terms of sustainability. DIRTT further developed 15 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its prefabricated walls.
  • Fabric reuse in production and sending offcuts to other organizations: 55% of raw material used is recycled, and 80% of previously used material is incorporated into new projects.
  • ICE ® software has made offcuts factor 33% less than other manufacturers by rationalizing the use of aluminum resources.
  • Close to supply chain: Purchases raw materials and contracts services from local companies.
  • Establishes production and assembles facilities close to the market, resulting in shorter transportation distance and smaller carbon footprints.
  • Incentivize employees to car pool, drive hybrid vehicles, and provides on-site lunches.
  • Reduces water usage and uses sensor lighting bulbs at its facilities.
  • Calgary and Phoenix facilities use solar and wind systems to generate electricity.

DIRTT’S robust growth and international popularity has proven that environmental sustainability is also very profitable. More information can be found here.

Written by Emma Yang


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